Emtee is set to release two projects in 2024

Written by on 10 January, 2024

Being among the prominent rap artists in South Africa entails significant responsibilities, and one of these obligations is consistently delivering high-quality music.

Emtee stands out as a rapper who has successfully shouldered these responsibilities, solidifying his status as a powerhouse in South African hip-hop. Nevertheless, the arrival of his DIY3 album has experienced delays beyond initial expectations. Despite this, the rapper remains committed to fulfilling his promise to fans, completing the final instalment of the sequel to his DIY album released in 2015.

Anticipated for release last year, the DIY3 album faced delays, prolonging the wait. Expectations are now soaring in 2024 as fans eagerly anticipate the long-awaited body of work to finally hit the music shelves. Taking to Twitter (X), The Hustler indicated that DIY3 is almost done hinting that he might drop another project this year. “Ridin round bumping DIY3. I might drop 2 projects this year,” wrote Emtee.


The Roll Up hitmaker revealed in 2023 that he has encountered sabotage within the industry. However, he emphasized that despite the challenges, he has successfully convinced fellow artists that he is genuinely credible when it comes to collaborative features as he promised bigger things in 2024.

“I’m a striving soldier of the struggle, and I know people do that to me on purpose because they know my heart, they know I’m kind, I’m cool, I’m giving. Mentally, some people try to downplay me, like I ain’t good for nothing.

That’s why I always tell people when I see them in board meetings, I always tell them anything with Emtee on it is a GOAT. So shoutout to every artist who has set me up for a feature, I appreciate y’all. 2024, I’m coming for everything, I know what to do now, I’m grown now, been in the industry for a while now,” he said.

As fans patiently wait the release of DIY3, they’ve been exerting pressure on the rapper to unveil at least the lead single from the album. The fans are eager to get a taste of the music that awaits them in this highly anticipated project. “Iyeza. Submitted it phesheya so they can master it,” Emtee said in response to when he is dropping a new single.

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