Listen to the late Riky Rick’s amapiano single “Ilanga” ft Young Stunna, Tyler ICU, Mas Musiq & more

Written by on 15 March, 2024

Riky Rick’s influence on South African music and youth culture will always be eternal. Just over two years after his heart-breaking passing the rap artist’s family has shared a new song, “Ilanga,” which features an all-star cast of contributors. A sleek and soulful amapiano bop, Riky dips into his falsetto singing voice, an experimental approach he rarely employed while he was alive. As shown by the log drum-laced swag rap of “UNGAZINCISHI” and his defining contributions to silky smooth love song, “Sondela,” Riky Rick was nothing if not progeressive, and one of the first rap artists to wholly embrace amapiano.

“Ilanga is a love song about wanting something to work out and looking to return to love,” Riky’s partner, Bianca Jade Naidoo, said in a statement. “The song uses imagery of the sun setting and casting shadows to bring to life the complexity of love.”

“Ilanga” features vocal contributions from Young Stunna and Baby S.O.N, while the producer cast is a who’s who of some of the best amapiano producers, including Tyler ICU, Mas Musiq, Kelvin Momo and Zadōk.

This new single follows last year’s AI-generated single, “Stronger,” dedicated to promoting mental wellness.

In a previous statement, Bianca Naidoo, Riky Rick’s partner, said:

“The message we’re conveying through this campaign aims to honour Riky’s legacy of promoting positivity. We hope it brings solace to his fans and offers support to those struggling with mental health.”

As you would know that last year, the late rappers family announced the release of Riky’s single Stronger

This single release served as a platform to raise awareness for mental well-being and generate funds to support individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting mental health. Louisa Zondo, Riky Rick’s mother, emphasized the importance of the initiative, stating”

“Our hope is that the Riky Rick Foundation for the Promotion of Artivism inspires others to care for young people, mental health, and overall well-being, as well as actively contribute to the positive changes we seek in society – in essence, to ‘Stay Shining.'”

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