Lynn Forbes, The Mother Of The Late Rapper AKA, Is Still Mourning The Loss Of Her Son

Written by on 19 March, 2024

The mother of the late South African rapper AKA, Lynn Forbes wrote a message to moms who are currently grieving the loss of a child.

AKA was gunned down in February last year in Durban. The Forbes family has shared their journey with us as they try to move on with their lives without their eldest son.

Taking to Instagram, Lynn posted a picture of herself and in her caption, she wrote, “English has no word for the overwhelming grief a parent experiences over the death of their child.”

Image:  Lynn Forbes – Facebook

” ‘Vilomah’ comes from Sanskrit, which means ‘against the natural order’. The term ‘Vilomah’ describes a parent who has lost their child. Life has its natural order, and in that order, children are supposed to outlive their parents. But sometimes there comes a time when parents have to bury their children,” she added.

Advising parents who are currently grieving the loss of a child, she wrote, “For those parents, who lost a child, whose identity has been altered forever, and who are looking for a community to identify with, I hope this helps you on your journey of grief and understanding the completely altered human being you are. I hope it brings you just a little more solace.”


Lynn experience her feelings months of her sons passing saying;

Nothing could have prepared her for the day she lost her son. Mornings are, as she tells us, painful.

Waking up every morning marks a new day since the tragic death of my son. The morning of 10 February will just be another morning like every other painful morning has been since he died. I am not planning anything specific to commemorate him. Like I have been doing every day for the last year, I will do what flows naturally and remember him like I do every day.”


Social media users flooded her comment section as they shared their experiences:

“My son Sean…. it feels like yesterday all the time.”

“A friend of mine lost her 12-year-old son in 2015. I’ve never seen the sparkle in her eyes since then even when she smiles,” shared one.

Another one wrote: “I watched my late Mother grieve my late brother and when you say identity altered forever, I lived through that feeling helpless as I knew she longed for her son. They passed 9 months apart and I never wished that pain of losing a child on anyone.”

“It’s unfortunate she felt only she could understand the pain she was in and carried it alone in silence. I’m so glad you share your heartbreaking journey of navigating the new “unnormal” normal. You’re not alone, you’re loved,” they added.

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