Manchester United uses Kamo Mphela’s “Dalie” vocals on their recent TikTok video

Written by on 28 February, 2024

Before its official debut, “Dalie” had taken the internet by storm, appearing on platforms like FakazaHouse and HotNewHitz. The track’s early buzz, combined with the star-studded collaboration, has set the stage for what many predicted would be one of the year 2023 – biggest hit.

Manchester United seems to have caught the Amapiano fever! They featured Kamo Mphela’s infectious vocals from the song “Dalie” in one of their recent TikTok videos. Kamo Mphela, a multi-award-winning performing artist, has been making waves with her dance challenge for “Dalie” on TikTok. The video has garnered over 400,000 views online, showcasing the popularity of this Amapiano hit.

Image: Kamo Mphela – X

Tyler ICU, known for his masterful production skills, brings a unique touch to the track, while Khalil Harrison’s smooth vocals complement Mphela’s dynamic energy. Baby S.O.N, the rising star, adds a fresh twist, ensuring “Dalie” appeals to a diverse audience.

For those who might not be familiar, amapiano is a genre of music that has been dominating local charts and dance floors in South Africa. Kamo Mphela’s “Dalie” is one of the top songs in this genre, and it’s no surprise that it caught the attention of Manchester United’s social media team.

If you’re curious, you can check out Kamo Mphela’s TikTok profile @kamomphelaxx to see more of her dance challenges and creative content. And if you haven’t heard “Dalie” yet, give it a listen – it might just get you grooving too!

The collaboration is a testament to the evolving South African music landscape, where artists from different backgrounds and genres come together to create groundbreaking music. While some critics argue that “Dalie” stays true to the Amapiano style, the combined talents of Mphela, Tyler ICU, Khalil Harrison, and Baby S.O.N give the track a distinctive edge.

As “Dalie” continues to gain traction, fans are treated to a fusion of sounds and styles, showcasing the best of what South African music has to offer. The track not only solidifies Kamo Mphela’s position in the industry but also highlights the immense talents of Tyler ICU, Khalil Harrison, and Baby S.O.N.
With the release of “Dalie,” it’s clear that when top artists collaborate, magic happens. The South African music scene waits with bated breath to see what these artists will deliver next.

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