MnqobiYazo releases his new album titled: ‘Ubhoko.’

Written by on 29 January, 2024

AWARD-WINNING – Mnqobi Yazo releases his latest album titled ‘Ubhoko,’ a powerful musical journey deeply rooted in spirituality and cultural significance. The title, when translated from the Nguni language, means “War Stick,” a metaphor for the battles faced in life.

After a hiatus of almost four years, Mnqobi Yazo returns with a 19-track album. The album features handpicked collaborations with notable artists such as Yallunder, Njilour, Ndabaz, Igcokama Elisha and Olefied Khetha.

Ubhoko’ takes listeners on a profound exploration of heritage, love, and the essence of African descent. Mnqobi Yazo addresses critical social issues such as mental health, love and fostering a positive mindset. The album serves as a cultural mirror, reflecting the realities and aspirations of a diverse audience.

“I’m a person who doesn’t like to rush. When I work on something, I like to take time. I don’t want to rush things and release music just because I see that other people are dropping. I’ll drop music at my time and that’s what I did. I always want to make sure that I produce music that I would also enjoy. He told a Sunday Sun.

“One of the special features in the album is Ndabaz. That man is very talented. I met him through social media. I saw a video of him playing an accordion on TikTok and I knew I had to find him. I downloaded the and posted it asking people to help me find him. I eventually found him. He plays two accordions at the same time, one with his mouth and the other with his hands.

“I also enjoyed working with the people I featured,” he said.

Mnqobi said his fans all around South Africa should expect to see him this year.

“I’m working on quite a number of things this year. I have one-man shows lined up in different provinces, Durban, Gauteng and Makhanda in Eastern Cape those are the places we have confirmed so far,” the singer said.

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