NEW MUSIC: DBN Gogo, K.O, Murumba Pitch and Usher Have Dropped New Music

Written by on 9 February, 2024

Award-winning DJ and music producer, DBN Gogo has finally released her highly anticipated EP titled ‘Click Bait’. 

‘Click Bait’ is a 7-track oeuvre that includes contributions from the likes of Baby S.O.N, Yumbs, Dinky Kunene, Souljam, Mashud, Sykes and more. 

Last month, DBN Gogo announced the now new EP release with a captivating animated cover art.

The Amapiano star dropped two lead singles ahead of the project namely, ‘SAdesFakSHen’ which dropped last year, as well as ‘STINGRAY’ which was released last month. 

In an interview with Nandi Madiba on Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio last week, DBN Gogo delved into why she named the project ‘Click Bait’. 

“You know there was a time when a lot of people were patronising others for jumping onto amapiano and, you know, riding the wave and it’s like… it’s our music, why would you not get into this thing that we’re all doing? I see that our dance and our afro tech is really becoming a thing, even globally, so I was like let me dabble and see how I can interpret it in my own way and see what we make of it.” 

“That’s why we named the EP Click Bait, because you’re going to tap in it thinking that you’re going to be listening to your regular regular DBN Gogo – making ‘piano, making you dance. Yes we’ll have a dance, but we’re giving you a new flavour. We’re showing you the versatility, we’re showing you that South African dance music is here, we’re all here and we’re all working together, we’re collaborating and we’re pushing this music. Doesn’t matter what variation of it is, we are pushing our sound”, she shared. 

K.O delves into matters of the heart with his new single titled ‘Y.O.U.’

He delivers a sing-songy rap performance as he croons about his intensified love for his significant other. 

The euphonious offering is enhanced with scintillating female vocals, as well as soothing male vocals towards the end. 

Earlier this week, K.O. announced the now new release earlier this week with a simple, yet eye-catching cover art. 

‘Y.O.U.’ is the perfect song to dedicate to your loved one in this special month of love.

Stream ‘Y.O.U.’ below:

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