Q Twins Release New Hit “Umalambana” Featuring Gatsheni

Written by on 8 March, 2024

Q Twins have come with something special this time as they release new single “umalamnana”. It’s not the first time Q Twins are featuring a Maskandi artist, they did it on “Ngiyesaba” where they featured Ntencane now they are back with another Maskandi feature, this time around they are featuring Gatsheni, the maker of the hit song “Hit After Hit”.

In the captivating musical landscape of South Africa, the harmonious journey of Q Twins, comprising of Viggy and Virginia from the town of Nonoti in KwaZulu natal began with their entrancing performances on SA IDOLS 2019.

As contestants they swiftly became the darlings of the season enchanting millions with their melodious voices the echoed through every corner of the nation. Their presence on social media sorted consistently claiming the top spot every Sunday creating a wave of anticipation and admiration.

Their exit of SA IDOLS became a doorway to the next phase where the renowned DJ Tira with an eagle eye for talent wasted no time in welcoming them into the fold of his highly successful Afrotainment label. The collaboration bore fruit in the form of their debut mainstream single Hamba, a melodic masterpiece featuring DJ Tira himself.

“Umalambana” emerges as a pioneering track in the South African music scene, showcasing the Q Twins’ innovative approach to genre fusion. By incorporating the soulful rhythms of Afro-soul with the distinctive melodies of Maskandi, the song creates a harmonious blend that appeals to a broad audience. Gatsheni’s contribution adds a depth of authenticity and richness to the track, making it a must-listen for fans of both genres.

The collaboration between the Q Twins and Gatsheni is celebrated for its ability to transcend musical boundaries, creating a space where traditional sounds meet modern expression. This release not only highlights the artists’ versatility and creativity but also serves as a beacon of cultural unity, bringing together diverse musical styles in a single, cohesive work.

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