The Massive Weekend

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Saturday 01:00 04:00
Sunday 01:00 04:00

The Massive show is a weekend show that kick starts the weekend it’s all about the culture and more of groove and having meaningful conversations with listeners who are at home, at work or coming back from a party. It’s main focus is to create a party mode for those who are at home, and educational topics are discussed.

 We kick start the show by ukuphakamisa iLokishi lakho and your frequency.


1.     Role Model of the week- Isbonelo sesonto:  We reflect on the week the listeners had and we want them to appreciate and take time to thank that one person or people that contributed to them positively throughout the week, whether a stranger or whoever.

2.     UPHETHEN’ ESKHAFTININI? What’s in the lunch box is for those who are working nightshift just engaging nabo, asking them who made their lunch? And what’s in the lunch box…

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