The Midday Connexion

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Monday 12:00 15:00
Tuesday 12:00 15:00
Wednesday 12:00 15:00
Thursday 12:00 15:00
Friday 12:00 15:00

The Midday Connexion Dj Sonic & Khaya Mthethwa

This is a lunchtime show hosted by DJ Sonic & Khaya Mthethwa. A show filled with so much energy & is jam packed to entertain listeners for the whole 3 hours.

The features of the show are tailor made to suit the different interests of our listeners, whether you are an up & coming musician who needs your song played on the radio ,  how to handle your money, campus DJs , listeners who love to cook to tackling serious topics etc,. The Midday Connexion has it all.

Join DJ Sonic & Khaya Mthethwa as they give you your ultimate lunchtime experience Mondays to Fridays from 12 to 3pm .

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