Top South African Amapiano Songs in 2023

Written by on 21 November, 2023

The amapiano genre music scene continues to be a leading force in the South African music industry, and lately, the African music industry, with the house music subgenre is even making an appearance in other music styles like Afrobeats.


Amapiano has also become a catalyst for Africa-wide collaborations between artists from multiple countries. This has given the genre a reputation of being a true force within Africa’s biggest music markets and one that is making a big impression with electronic music lovers around the world.

To celebrate the genre, Music In Africa has created a playlist of the top amapiano songs making their rounds in 2023. The below playlist will be updated throughout the year as new hits are released by some of our favourite music makers. Enjoy!

Yey by uLazi by ft. Infinity MusiQ

The song’s slow tempo blends well with the dancing team, making ‘Yey’ one of the best amapiano songs of 2022.


Hamba Juba by Lady Amar, Cici, Murumba Pitch and JL SA

Murumba Pitch and Cici’s enchanting voice work well together here. A sad message about missing departed ones accompanies the song, which could make it one of 2023’s most talked about tracks.


Khekheleza (Dlala Dlala) by Focalistic, EeQue & Thama Tee

There is a strong resemblance to the regalia worn by kwaito musicians in the 1990s in this video. This song propels Focalistic to the forefront of South Africa’s music scene with help from EeQue and Thama.


Sengizwile by Mas Musiq ft. Aymos & Young Stunna

The song is off Mas Musiq’s album Auti eSharp. It features Aymos and Young Stunna, whose contributions gives the track strong appeal.


Murumba Pitch & Omit ST release the official video for Wena Dali featuring Soa Matrix, Dinky Kunene & Buhle Sax

The soulful and romantic song features heartfelt vocal performances. The song captures the essence of falling deeply in love with someone special. Buhle Sax’s solo culminates in a powerful climax, capturing the listener’s attention with raw passion and emotion.


Dali Wam by Pabi Cooper & Yumbs ft. MaWhoo & Nkosazana Daughter

‘Dali Wam’ showcases the powerful vocals of Pabi Cooper and Yumbs along with MaWhoo and Nkosazana Daughter. It serves as a constant reminder of the power of the South African music scene’s singers.


Sgudi Snyc by De Mthuda, Da Muziqal Chef, Eemoh ft. Sipho Magudulela

South Africans are in the grip of economic hardship, which De Mthuda communicates in this song, with its video depicting workers protesting against low wages.


Fatela by Aymos and Ami Faku

Produced by Mas Musiq, the song is about two lovers seeking forgiveness from each another. The joint effort is accompanied by an impressive video, which is racking up millions of views every month.


Stimela by 2Point1 ft. Ntate Stunna & Nthabi Sings

There is something enchanting about the music in ‘Stimela’. This project is nicely tied together with a beautiful video featuring subjects dressed in retro outfits.


‘uThando 2.0’ by MFR Souls ft. Aymos & Mlindo the Vocalist

MFR Souls never disappoint. Featuring Aymos and Mlindo the Vocalist, the song is on a whole new level with its brilliant vocals and top production.


Dzepa by 2wobunnies & Ch’cco ft. Marlode & Owams, ShaunMusiq and Ftears

‘Dzepa’ is a chill club song and testament to the constant emergence of new amapiano artists as the genre reaches new heights.


Imizamo by De Mthuda ft. Nobuhle

There is no doubt that ‘Imizamo’ is one of De Mthuda’s most impressive songs to date, featuring the powerful singing of Nobuhle. Released on Universal Music, the record is off De Mthuda’s eight-track Story To Tell: Vol 2 album.


Polo by DBN Gogo ft. Boontle RSA, Kammu Dee, Mpho Spizzy, Xduppy and QuayR Musiq

The song is off DBN Gogo’s 12-track Whats Real album, which was released on Zikode Records and Universal Music. In the song, the featured artists hype the VW Polo car, which is popular among South Africans.


uShaka by Shaunmusiq & Ftears ft. Young Stunna and DJ Maphorisa

With its release in December, ‘uShaka’ is synonymous with club music. Various dance forms are shown in the video accompanying the song.


Tobetsa Remake by Myztro Focalistic, DaliWonga, ShaunMusiq & Ftears

One of the top amapiano songs of the year is ‘Tobetsa Remake’, another release from December. There is no doubt that the track will remain in the minds of South Africans throughout the year.


Waga Bietjie by Pabi Cooper ft. Mellow & Sleazy

The song was released in October and was followed by a video in December. The song is off Pabi Cooper’s debut eight-track album Cooperville, released on Cooper Entertainment.


Buya by De Mthuda ft. Ami Faku

There is never a dull moment when Ami Faku gets involved in an amapiano track. Her inclusion on De Mthuda’s 2022 project demonstrates her wide palette influences as one of South Africa’s top singers.


‘10 Kilometers’ by Daliwonga & Mas Musiq

The song speaks of pursuing love despite difficult circumstances. With heavy beats and well-arranged vocals, the track has become one of the most popular songs of 2023. It is of the duo’s album of the same name.


‘Edibles’ by Kabza De Small and Stakev

The track is off Kabza De Small and Stakev’s 2023 collabo album Rekere. Released on the Piano Hub record label, the project features 16 songs with collaborations from DJ Maphorisa, Shino Kikai and Da Muziqal Chef.


‘Kilimanjaro’ by Pcee, Sgija, Disciples and Zan’ten ft. Justin99, Mema, Percent and Mr Jazziq

‘Kilimanjaro’ is a powerful song featuring kwaito and hip hop vocals. There is no clear connection between the song and Mount Kilimanjaro, but one might be forgiven for thinking the artists refer to themselves as being at the top of the scene.


‘Washaaa’ by Sfarzo Rtee, Kelvin Momo and DBN Gogo ft. Shaun 101

The song is a collaboration between Sfarzo Rtee, Kelvin Momo and DBN Gogo. Shaun 101 contributed to the project. With DBN Gogo’s presence, the song promises to be pick up steam throughout the year.


‘Ngimoja’ by Tyler ICU ft. Khanyisa, Tumelo_ZA and Tyrondee

Tyler ICU’s ‘Ngimoja’ was released in late February. With beautiful choruses, this song has the potential to become the amapiano anthem of the year.


‘Kwelinye’ by Mellow & Sleazy, TmanXpress ft. Keynote

‘Kwelinye’ gained impressive traction on various digital platforms two weeks after its release. The song has tinges of gospel and R&B and will surely attract listeners who still haven’t gotten into amapiano.


Rough Dance by DBN Gogo, Reece Madlisa ft. 2woshort, Classic Deep, Six40

The track is a well-arranged blend of kwaito raps and amapiano beats. We hope a video showcasing some of SA’s top dancers doing their thing to the song’s powerful beats is on its way.


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