WATCH: Aymos Drops Visuals For New Christmas Song, ‘Ukhisimusi’ Featuring Blaq Diamond & DJ Radix

Written by on 20 November, 2023

South African artist Aymos is spreading festive joy by teaming up with the dynamic duo Blaq Diamond and DJ Radix for a new Christmas song titled “Ukhisimusi.” Translating to Christmas in isiZulu, the track captures the essence of the holiday season and is complemented by captivating visuals.

In the music video, the collaborators embark on a road trip, setting the scene for a joyous Christmas lunch with their families. The visuals showcase the artists crooning about the festive season, narrating their celebrations with family and friends. The video serves as a heartwarming and vibrant depiction of the Christmas spirit.

Aymos and Blaq Diamond effortlessly infuse the song with the joyful atmosphere of Christmas, creating a feel-good offering that embraces the spirit of rejoicing and cheerfulness. The collaboration with DJ Radix adds a dynamic touch to the track, making “Ukhisimusi” a must-listen for those looking to get into the holiday spirit.

As listeners are transported into the festive mood, the official music video for “Ukhisimusi” promises to enhance the experience, offering a visual feast that captures the warmth and celebration of Christmas. AymosBlaq Diamond, and DJ Radix invite audiences to join them on this musical journey, celebrating the season with infectious energy and heartfelt lyrics.

Watch the official music video for ‘Ukhisimusi: 


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