Winnie Ntshaba looks back on her healing journey

Written by on 19 October, 2023

Actress and Royalty Soapie Awards founder Winnie Ntshaba took to her social media to touch on the importance of revisiting the moment or place that hurt you in order to heal from life challenges.

On many of her posts, the  Adulting actress who celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago continuously aligned everything good happening in her life with the grace of God.

Image: Winnie, Instagram 

Centering her post on God and the scripture, Winnie shared a picture of herself looking radiant and glowing, capturing her post:

“In order to heal, you gotta go back to the very place or moment that hurt you, point it out, face it…. It might hurt but it’s pain that is necessary for healing.2nd Kings 6: 5-7
But as one was cutting down a tree, the iron axe head fell into the water, and he cried out saying…Alas master for it was borrowed…So the man of God said ‘Where did it fall”? So he showed him the place. He cut off a stick and threw it in there, and he made the iron float. He needed to point out indawo yesigameko, in order for help to come. We walk around with so many wounds and instead of facing the places that hurt us we ignore them🥹🥹 thinking healing with be automatic.”

The meaty roles are a far cry from that of Khethiwe, the humble character in Generations with whom she found fame. But Winnie loves wearing the faces of her many characters. She chuckles at the mention of Khethiwe.

“Oh, those were the good old days when Winnie could walk into a Pick n Pay store without being noticed,” she told DRUM . “There’s something fulfilling about playing an evil person,” she tells Move! of her current roles.

“Especially when you’re the complete opposite – it’s therapeutic in a way. And you get to live some of your crazy fantasies.” Khethiwe was such a hit with fans, she says, that people stopped to ask her about her character long after she left the soapie. “I don’t try too hard to be remembered or to stay relevant,” Winnie says. “I’m not very active on social media. But I think it’s my spirituality that’s made me memorable.

The showbiz veteran admits her confidence took a knock when she was fired from Generations. Heaps of self-doubt crept in when she was rejected at audition after audition. “I spent many months not working or acting. I’d only get adverts and short stories,” she says.

For a while Winnie had to make do without a salary. “I don’t know how I got by. I think it was all God’s grace. Every time I desperately needed money, an advert I shot six months ago would be renewed and I’d get enough money to survive for a few months,” she says.

Friends and social media users commented on the mother of one’s post, adding:

“I think some wounds will never be completely healed but we find ways to live with them…noma kunjalo (though that may be). Umuhle cici (you are beautiful sister) you are gifted may your light never stop shining ngikuthanda kakhulu (I love you so much)❤️.”

“❤️❤️❤️Amen and Amen.Thanks to that babes.When a person giving a testimony like this ,is not a play.It is through God that everything happened so that you pass the teachings to people like us so that we also learn to have Strength when it happens.God Bless.You look stylish and beautiful 👏👏🔥❤️.”

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