A Heartfelt Affair: Gagasi FM’s Valentine’s Day Celebration

Written by on 15 February, 2024

Love was in the air, and the spirit of appreciation enveloped our Cornubia Mall headquarters as we hosted a memorable Staff Valentine’s Day Collaboration Session within the heart of our foyer. As the #1 Regional Commercial radio station, known for spreading joy through the airwaves, we took a break from our usual routine to celebrate the day of love with our dedicated team.

As the clock struck 10 o’clock, the atmosphere at Gagasi FM was charged with excitement and warmth. The foyer, typically a hub of activity, was transformed into a festive haven for the celebration. From the entrance adorned with heart-shaped decorations to the sweet melodies of love songs playing in the background, every detail contributed to the love-filled ambiance.

Our staff members, dressed in shades of red and pink, gathered at the heart of the foyer, creating a vibrant sea of love. Laughter and camaraderie echoed as the team embraced the theme of togetherness, turning the workplace into a celebration of love and appreciation.

The event was not just about expressing love but also about having a good time together. Gagasi FM organized a series of fun and engaging games that brought smiles to everyone’s faces. From trivia about love stories to hilarious challenges, the activities were designed to foster team spirit and create lasting memories. The competitive yet light-hearted atmosphere added a unique touch to the celebration, showcasing the close-knit bond among the Gagasi FM family. It was a moment for colleagues to connect beyond their professional roles, strengthening the sense of unity within the team.

No Valentine’s Day celebration is complete without sweet treats, and we did not disappoint. Goodies and treats were aplenty, with a variety of delectable desserts to satisfy every sweet tooth. The thoughtful selection of goodies added a delightful touch to the festivities, leaving everyone with a taste of love and appreciation. The day was not only about the activities but also about creating lasting memories. The event was documented through photos and videos, capturing the joy and camaraderie shared among the staff.

These memories will undoubtedly become cherished mementos, reflecting the spirit of love that defines Gagasi FM’s work culture.
As the celebration came to an end, the team returned to their daily responsibilities with hearts full of gratitude and a deeper sense of connection. The Valentine’s Day Collaboration Session was a testament to the station’s commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

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