An explosive Umsindo Takeover with Mkay Music and Sphokuhle Luthuli this past Saturday

Written by on 21 August, 2023

This past Saturday marked a remarkable moment in the realm of radio as Umsindo Takeover on Gagasi FM unfolded with an unparalleled level of success. Mkay Music and the winner of the Gagasi FM Rising Star Presenter Search, S’phokuhle Luthi,  proved to be a breathtaking showcase of exceptional talent, entertainment, and a celebration of the airwaves.

The heart and soul of the Umsindo Takeover was none other than the remarkable S’phokuhle Luthi, the victor of the Gagasi FM Rising Star Presenter Search. With an undeniable gift for captivating an audience, S’phokuhle effortlessly commanded the airwaves, proving that he is more than deserving of his newfound title.

S’phokuhle’s journey from unknown talent to becoming the co-host of Umsindo takeover demonstrates the power of recognizing and nurturing raw talent. His charisma, eloquence, and seamless interaction with listeners showcased his ability to connect with people on a profound level. The airwaves have undoubtedly found a new star in S’phokuhle Luthi.

The show was an explosive  journey that combined Mkay Music’s signature beats with S’phokuhle’s charismatic co-hosting, resulting in a show that was truly unforgettable. From the moment the show began, listeners were taken on a musical adventure that spanned various genres, keeping them engaged and energized throughout.

The Umsindo Takeover on Gagasi FM was an unquestionable success, thanks to the remarkable contributions of Mkay Music and the undeniable talent of S’phokuhle Luthi. This moment was a shining example of the magic that can unfold when exceptional musicality meets a captivating co-host. As S’phokuhle continues to grace the airwaves, his presence promises a bright future for radio entertainment.

The Umsindo Takeover not only entertained but also inspired, reminding us all that talent knows no bounds. Whether it’s the seamless mixes of Mkay Music or the engaging conversations led by S’phokuhle, this show  will undoubtedly be remembered as a turning point in the world of radio and entertainment.

Let’s catch the boys again every Saturday, 4pm – 7pm only on the big G!


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