Celebrating 100 Episodes of The Uprising with Felix Hlophe and Minnie Ntuli

Written by on 6 September, 2023

Name a better breakfast duo within the heart of KZN, we will wait, maybe not because there isn’t any duo.

The story of #TheUprising began in May 2023 when comedian Felix Hlophe and songstress Minnie Ntuli got paired up as hosts.

This duo is nothing short of magic. Felix with his years of experience in radio, and Minnie, with her vivacious personality and unique charm, create a perfect blend that resonated with listeners across Kwa-Zulu Natal.

“The Uprising” owes its success to a winning formula that combines a mixture of entertainment, information, and genuine connection with the audience. From the very first episode, Felix and Minnie’s on-air chemistry was palpable. They effortlessly navigated between humor, heartfelt discussions, and thought-provoking content, making the show a daily ritual for its listeners.

One of the key factors that sets “The Uprising” apart is its ability to blend entertainment and social consciousness seamlessly. The show is known for tackling issues faced by communities at large, while keeping listeners entertained. From thought-provoking discussions on current events to hilarious sketches and celebrity interviews, Felix and Minnie have mastered the art of balancing information and entertainment.

During these past few months, “The Uprising” has not only entertained its audience, but also educated and inspired listeners across KZN. Through their insightful discussions and campaigns on education, healthcare, and social justice, Felix and Minnie have played a significant role in giving back, raising awareness while driving positive change in KZN. They have become advocates for their community, using their platform to amplify the voices of those who need it most.

The Uprising” isn’t just a popular show; it’s the biggest breakfast show in KZN on the #1 Regional Commercial radio station. Its incredible success is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and passion of Felix Hlophe and Minnie Ntuli. Together, they have elevated the show to an iconic status in the radio industry.

Reaching 100 episodes is no small feat. “The Uprising” has achieved several milestones, including live broadcasts at community events, charity drives, and even hosting renowned guests. These moments have enriched the show’s tapestry and solidified its place in KZN’s radio history.

As “The Uprising” celebrates its 100th episode, the journey is far from over. Felix Hlophe and Minnie Ntuli continue to inspire and entertain, and their impact on the KZN community remains immeasurable. With each episode, they create new stories, share laughter, and inspire positive change.

“The Uprising” on Gagasi FM has indeed lived up to its name, ushering in a new era of morning radio in KZN. Felix Hlophe and Minnie Ntuli have not only brought energy to the airwaves but have also become the voices of the station. As they mark their 100th episode, we can only anticipate more milestones, laughter, and uplifting moments from this iconic breakfast show. Here’s to “The Uprising,” where every episode is a celebration of KZN’s vibrant spirit!

Don’t forget to tune into #TheUprising with the rebels every morning from 6am – 9am only on the Big G!!

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