Celebrating our Remarkable Women on Women’s Day

Written by on 9 August, 2023

It’s Women’s Day today, and as a prominent radio station within the heart of KZN, we took a heartwarming initiative to honor and celebrate the exceptional women, Imbokodo who contribute to the station’s success. In a prelude to the global celebration of womanhood, we organised a special event to recognize the vital role women play in shaping the image of Gagasi FM through the years. Among the festivities, we also took the opportunity to surprise our very own Managing Director, Minenhle Dlamini with a heartfelt gesture of appreciation.

Gagasi FM has long been a driving force in promoting gender equality and women empowerment. As the #1 Regional Commercial radio station, we’ve always recognized the potential within our workforce and provided an environment where women can thrive and excel in various roles. From on-air personalities to content creators, producers, and managers, we boast a team of strong and talented women who continuously inspire audiences and break barriers in the traditionally male-dominated field of media.

Today’s event was held in our foyer and was a celebration of women’s achievements, not only within the station but also within society. The walls were adorned with stories of pioneering women who have made indelible marks in their respective fields from Sales, Marketing, HR, News, and On-air. It was a tribute to the trailblazers who have shattered glass ceilings while making an impact on other people’s lives.

The highlight was the surprise for the Managing Director, a woman who has been a driving force behind the station’s success. With heartfelt speeches, touching stories, and warm wishes, the staff gathered to express their gratitude and admiration for her leadership. A symbolic gift was handed over as a token of appreciation – a gesture that not only celebrated her achievements but also acknowledge the immense value she brings to the team.

The event at Gagasi FM emphasized unity and solidarity among its employees. It was a reminder that progress is possible when everyone, regardless of the circumstance, work together towards a shared vision. By highlighting the achievements of women, the station not only celebrated individual success stories but also reinforced the importance of fostering an inclusive workplace culture that nurtures talent and promotes equal opportunities.

Our Women’s Day celebration served as a beautiful reminder of the power and potential that lie within women. Happy Women’s Day to all the Women who inspire us to uplift and empower. We recognize the remarkable women who shape our world and those who continue to do great things against all odds. Sithi qubeka uqakaze, we salute you.




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