Get to know the Gagasi FM Rising Star Presenter Search Top 5 Finalists before the finale tonight

Written by on 12 August, 2023

The stage is set, the anticipation is rising, and the excitement is reaching a fever pitch as the Gagasi FM Rising Star Presenter Search finale draws closer, proudly powered by Vodacom NXT LVL.  This amazing campaign has been a journey of discovery and talent, shining a spotlight on the next generation of radio presenters. As we gear up for the grand reveal tonight, let’s take a closer look at the remarkable top 5 finalists who are vying for the coveted title. Lusanda Mnqayi, Siphokuhle Luthuli, Silindile Ngobese, Wendy Ntshangase, and Ngcebo Bhengu. The question on everyone’s lips remains: Who will emerge as the Gagasi FM Rising Star Presenter Search Winner? But before the grand finale tonight, the 12 August 2023, let’s get to know them better.

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Lusanda Mnqayi

My name is Lusanda Mnqayi, I currently reside in UMlazi but I’m originally from Empangeni. I’m 22 years of age. I am from Ngwelezane, Empangeni . I went to Empangeni Preparatory School and matriculated at Richem Secondary School. I studied Performing Arts at Creative Arts College and also did a learnership programme in Radio Production at Magic Broadcasting Academy. I’m an Actress, TV Presenter, Radio Presenter, Voice over artist and events MC. I entered the Gagasi FM Rising Star Presenter Search because I have always wanted to be part of this station. Winning this competition will be a dream come true, it would push me to grow my brand and the station’s image with my all. It could unlock many opportunities and deals for me and possibly the station too.


Wendi Olwethu Ntshangase

My name is Wendi Olwethu Ntshangase, a teenager with ambition. I am 19 years old of age, born and bred in Ntuzuma eThekwini. My humble background has never stopped me from being a rising star. If we’re talking about someone who turns lemons into lemonade, it’s me! I’ve always been passionate about the entertainment industry.Losing my dad at the age of 3 years old made me grow up with a mindset that I need to do everything at the best of my ability because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Regardless of the huge responsibilities I had at home, I made sure to capitalise in school which was the only place I could feel like a normal human being. In school, I used to host fashion shows, music events and discos. My love for public speaking and entertainment has taken me places I’ve never imagined I’d be in. In 2019, I was chosen to represent my school in The Pan African Conference with the likes of Nkosazane Dlamini-Zuma.

I entered the Presenter Search because Gagasi FM raised me. In tough times with no television whatsoever, Gagasi Fm has been there. Winning this would be me breaking so many generational curses.My name is Wendi Olwethu Ntshangase and my goal is to look back and say, I WON in life. In order for that to happen, I need to OWN my dreams and I need to do that NOW!

Ngcebo Bhengu

My name is Ngcebo Bhengu I am 21 yerqs of age from Port Shepstone in the small township of Bhobhoyi. I was raised by my grandmother only as my parents passed away when I was 1. She unfortunately left this world last year. Right now I’m doing my 2nd year in my Diploma in Drama at DUT . I stared my radio journey in 2019 at a community radio station called Ugu youth radio 93.4fm and ended in 2021 when I had to go to varsity. That’s where I got the chance to  do every single show from breakfast to drive campus countdown shows. That’s where I got to learn on the spot about the nitty gritty of the radio world.

I entered the rising star presenter search because of 3 things, make my grandmother proud since she has been the biggest supporter in my radio journey, irepsective of m not getting paid at the community radio station, she still never gave up, 2 make myself proud since I am really hard on myself. 3 INSPIRE. In 2023 you still get communities that look down on the creative industry I was also part of that community. Many people give up on their talents because of that I wanna inspire that young boy in kwaFelubala that they can achieve anything  GAGASI and GAGASI FM has the ability to make that possible for me and for them. And me winning this will make all of this possible.


Sphokuhle Luthuli

My name is Sphokuhle Luthuli, born and bred in South Coast Port Shepstone in a small suburb area called Banana Beach Melville and I am 21 years of age.

I am a multi-gifted child, from the early stages of my age development I’ve always had a passion for art. By profession, I am a qualified actor, musician and multi media graduate. I am very loud and bubbly, I heart people so dearly because I truly and deeply believe that I am nothing without them. Art is my sanity, I live and breath art.

Fun fact : I can imitate people!

I entered the GFMRisingStar presenter search because it was a long awaited opportunity which I really fought to grab with both my hands from the very moment I heard about it. Besides being a broadcaster as well I am also a huge follower of the No.1 regional commercial radio station which is Gagasi FM and it’s been like this for years. They are the reason why I fell in love with radio, I gained so much confidence and self-belief & trust from just hearing the on air personalities doing what they do best on Gagasi FM.

Another reason why I entered is because Gagasi FM is a very flexible radio station, they don’t only preach but whatever it is that they preach they also do let the action do the talking, the organisational structure and reception is out of this world, everything about Gagasi is just as amazing as the sound of the ocean well, I guess that’s why it’s called iGagasi. I knew that the only thing they wanted from me is for me to be myself, enjoy every moment and shine.

Winning this presenter search would mean the world to me on the great one above, I’ve been trying, crying and having sleepless nights because radio is like my new born baby, I have to be right next to it by hook or crook. It really did save my life and gave me hope when I thought my life was over. Being part and parcel of SA’s most growing radio station ?!!!!!! Whatttttttt…more could I possibly ask for me and most importantly winning this search would make my mother very proud . God would have answered her every day prayers and I know oh yes I know that the whole of my hometown would be very proud of me more especially because they know what I’v been though to try and make my dreams a reality. THIS IS THE LAST MOUNTAIN ACHIEVEMENT I NEED IN MY LIFE!!!!


Silindile Ngobese

My name is Silindile Ngobese, I am 24 years old, all the way from Umlazi in the heart of Durban. I am a radio presenter, content producer, technical assistant, voice over artist and multimedia personality in many other areas. I am a former news anchor and content producer at DYR.  I have over 2 years of experience in Broadcast Media. The greatest thing about me is, I have trained over 10 individuals for radio presenting as well as news reporting, respectfully. I entered for the Gagasi FM Rising Star Presenter Search because I am passionate about radio, and I see my career growing so much in an organisation like Gagasi FM. This opportunity given to meet within my finalist period, has been all sorts of amazing and as a woman, in a male dominated industry, I feel that I am fully equipped to use my skills to contribute to the growth of the industry.


As the tension mounts and the excitement builds, the #GagasiFM Presenter Search finale promises to be a night of celebration and transformation. The journey of these five talented finalists reflects their passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to pursuing their dreams in the world of radio broadcasting. With Vodacom NXT LVL’s support, the winner’s life is about to change for the better, opening up a world of opportunities and possibilities. Stay tuned as the winner is announced and a new radio star is born.

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