Mpho Wabadimo Releases and explains Her First Single Which Is Titled “Bonga”

Written by on 14 November, 2023

Sangoma and reality Tv star Michelle Vundla, who is popularly referred to as Mphowabadimo, took to Instagram to share the news of the release of her first single labeled Bonga 

The star made her first debut in the entertainment industry after viewers were introduced to her in the Big Brother Mzansi house. In the show, Mpho revealed many sides to her personality, and she easily became a fan favourite as her fans made sure that she was the last to leave the house and the first female to win the show’s final prize.  

The mother of two shared the news of her most recent venture as she was taking on the music scenes of the entertainment industry. In the video, Mpho shared that she had a passion for music, sharing, “I’ve just been spending so much time in the studio trying to understand the craft, trying to perfect the craft.” She further shared, “I’m just so happy that it finally gets to come out and right now my biggest worry is how all of you will receive it.


Since then, Mpho has been spotted on our TV screens and later branched into the world of YouTube, starting her own podcast, Mphowabadimo. Her YouTube channel is centred around her life as she invites viewers into her world, serving them content of her sit-down conversations, Get Ready With Me videos, dlozi chats and much more.  

Further, fans, thrilled to witness Mpho’s evolution, have lauded her for venturing into new creative realms. Applauding her commitment to diversifying her talents. However, the positive reception on social media indicates that Mpho’s transition from reality TV to the music industry. Has resonated well with her ever-expanding fan base.

However, as ‘Bonga’ resonates with listeners, social media is abuzz with praise for Mpho’s musical debut. Comments flood in, expressing emotional reactions to the track. @Tebogo4Khosi, captivated by the song’s depth, exclaims, “I’m emotional, guy. Mpho Wabadimo’s debut song is about to be a hit. A prayer this one.” The call to action is palpable, with @VMashaya urging, “Good morning family, let’s continue streaming Bonga.❤️❤️”

@Lisa02769888 reinforces the message of support, urging followers to “stream Bonga, please, Mphowabadimo’s new single. The winner of Big Brother Mzansi.” Additionally, a Twitter user with the handle @PatbonPhushudi unequivocally declares. “Bonga, the hit song,” solidifying the growing consensus around the single’s success.

Furthermore, amidst the stream of comments, @BabeG14576500 declares, “The love of my life.❤️ My first Big Brother fave. Congratulations, my baby girl,” showcasing the enduring connection fans feel with Mpho. MaabuleM predicts a bright future for Mpho, stating, “Mpho is back with a banger. Next year it’s gonna be bigger for our queen. The underground gang advocate.”

In essence, Mpho Wabadimo’s musical debut with ‘Bonga’ not only marks a significant milestone in her career but also serves as a testament to her versatility and continued growth. All while maintaining a strong and supportive fan base that eagerly anticipates her next steps in the entertainment world.

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