Nasty C’s New Album ‘I Love It Here’ Is OUT NOW!

Written by on 15 September, 2023

Nasty C has finally dropped his highly anticipated album titled ‘I Love It Here’. The 19-track body of work serves as his fourth studio album. ‘I Love It Here’ is a product of his innermost thoughts and experiences.

The rapper highlights his vulnerability throughout the album of which he describes as his most personal yet.

“It’s a very personal album. Very real, very honest”, stated the rapper at his album launch which occurred earlier this week. “This time around, I just wanted to make music that’s very honest, very truthful. It’s a lot of things that have been happening in my life since the last album and all my albums are like a time capsule of all the things that have been happening in the space in between. So, I just wanted to make music that was very direct. Shit that you can relate to and understand on first-listen.”



Nasty C explained the album’s title to Apple Music: “The title refers to the physical and mental spaces that make me happy. So, when I say I love it here, I’m talking about fatherhood. I’m talking about being with my girlfriend. I’m talking about the headspace that I’m in right now when it comes to making music.”

‘I Love It Here’ comprises contributions from the likes of 25K, Ami Faku, Maglera Doe Boy, Tellaman, Manana, British songstress, Anica and American rapper, Benny The Butcher.

Nasty C intensified anticipation for the now new album by gradually releasing lead singles, namely, ‘No More’‘Crazy Crazy’, ‘Prosper In Peace’ and ‘Endless’, which captivated listeners and garnered immense critical acclaim thereafter. ‘No More’ and ‘Crazy Crazy’ are accompanied with visuals.

The album, consisting of 19 tracks, takes listeners on a profound and introspective journey through Nasty C’s life experiences, from his rise to stardom and becoming a father. ‘I Love It Here’ masterfully combines elements of hip-hop creating a sonic tapestry that resonates with a diverse range of the rapper’s audiences.

Taking from the 19 tracks, Endless appears to be one of the most loved joints from the Durban rapper’s body of work. Tracks such as No More, Prosper In Peace, F*ck ThatDear Oliver and R.IP have also received the much-needed acclaim. However, DJ Zan-D said that the track the rapper featured Ami Faku is the one fans should be on the lookout for stating that it is going to be a club banger.


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