New Music Friday: Ciara & Chris Brown Join Forces on New Single ‘How We Roll’

Written by on 4 August, 2023

Award-winning musician Ciara and Chris Brown have teamed up for a new song, “How We Roll,” as their first collaboration in 14 years.

The enthralling track, which they co-wrote with Theron Thomas, captures the chemistry between two lovers who are ready to get entangled with each other in the bedroom.

“And I can tell that you ready / three, two, one it’s going down like confetti / Pour the ten to one shot again / If we film it on our phone / Promise that we’re gonna trend,” Ciara sings.

Brown appears in the second verse, singing, “Never worry / I’ll keep you coming / That’s how you love it / Who cares if we in public.”

“How We Roll” arrives with a dance-heavy video, which can be viewed below, that their core fans would appreciate.

As noted above, “How We Roll” is Ciara and Breezy’s first collaboration since 2009’s “Turntables,” a single-worthy banger from Ciara’s Fantasy Ride album.

A year prior, Ciara joined Brown at the 2008 BET Awards for an iconic performance of his steamy jam “Take You Down.”

Last year, Brown was reportedly set to surprise audience and viewers at the 2022 AMAs with a Michael Jackson tribute performance. Brown went to social media to share the news with fans. “WOULDVE been the ama performance, but they cancelled me for reasons unknown,” Brown wrote in the comment section of his Instagram post that contained a rehearsal performance.

Ciara was also supposed to join Brown for the tribute. She posted a clip of her and Brown’s rehearsal on Instagram.

Circling back to “How We Roll,” it will appear on Ciara’s new EP, CiCi, out Aug. 18 on Beauty Marks Entertainment.

The song is the follow-up to “Da Girls,” which arrived in March. A month later, she released “Da Girls (Girls Mix)” with rappers Lola Brooke and Lady London.

Since then, Ciara has been on a feature run, collaborating with Jackson Wang (“Slow“) and Angez Mo (“Get Loose“). She also released additional mixes of “Da Girls,” including a dance mix with Lay Bankz and an R&B slow mix with Derrick Milano.

Meanwhile, Brown released his latest single “Summer Too Hot” in June. Last month, he joined Ty Dolla $ign on his “Motion (Remix).”

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