Renowned South African Artist Heavy-K Delivers A Captivating 3-Step Remix of Peta Teanet’s “Ka Valungu”

Written by on 24 October, 2023

As part of his carefully crafted single release campaign leading up to the highly anticipated EP, celebrated South African musician HeavyK is excited to present his latest musical masterpiece: a vibrant 3-Step remix of the beloved chart-topping track, “Ka Valungu” by Peta Teanet. HeavyK, known as the Drumboss, has seamlessly infused an infectious 3-Step vibe into the original composition, creating an electrifying auditory experience that is set to captivate music lovers worldwide. “Ka Valungu” has already carved a niche for itself in the hearts of music enthusiasts, and HeavyK‘s 3-Step remix breathes new life into this well-loved song. The remix takes the essence of the original and brings a fresh 3-Step twist, showcasing HeavyK‘s unparalleled talent.

HeavyK is rapidly emerging as the face of the 3-Step music genre, characterized by its unique rhythmic structure that centers around the distinctive sound of three kicks. This genre offers a truly African, unstoppable rhythm that is sure to get listeners on their feet and dancing. Drawing inspiration from the sounds of Amapiano and Afrobeat from West Africa, HeavyK‘s 3-Step sound fuses these influences seamlessly, resulting in a dynamic and captivating musical experience.With the release of this 3-Step remix, HeavyK is pushing boundaries and taking the genre to new heights, further solidifying his status as a pioneer in the South African music scene.

This marks another exciting chapter in HeavyK‘s illustrious career, and his forthcoming album promises to be a musical journey that fans won’t want to miss.‘Ka Valungu’ 3-Step remix is now available for streaming and download on all digital services platforms. The 3-Step remix has been approved by Peta Teanet’s family, as well as Universal Music.


About HeavyK
South African record producer, composer and DJ, Heavy K – affectionately referred to by his fans as “The Drumboss” – has firmly positioned himself as one of the continent’s top entertainers. Growing up in Veeplaas in Nelson Mandela Bay, Heavy K has transformed challenges into big opportunities. Today, with four platinum status albums under his belt and a number of hits – including the chart-topper, “Inde” – Heavy K is the recipient of multiple awards for his Afro-house sounds which bring a drum-driven, infectious, nuanced African beat to a contemporary dance music consciousness.

Connect With HeavyK:
Instagram: @heavykdrumboss
Facebook: HeavyK Drumboss

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