Sjava’s “Isibuko” Album Up For Grammy Awards Nomination

Written by on 1 November, 2023

South African singer-songwriter Sjava’s album “Isibuko” has been submitted for a nomination at the Grammy Awards. Sjava is a versatile artist who has made a mark in the South African entertainment industry. He then switched to music and signed with Ambitiouz Entertainment, where he released his debut album Isina Muva in 2016. In 2020, he left Ambitiouz Entertainment and co-founded his own label, 1020 Cartel, with producer.



Sjava is celebrated for his powerful storytelling and unique blend of Afro-soul and hip-hop. His album “Isibuko” has captivated audiences since its release on  January 27, 2023, and has garnered critical acclaim for its emotional depth, lyrical prowess, and evocative production.

Taking to Instagram, 1020 Cartel shared an announcement video revealing that they have submitted Sjava‘s 18-track album for the Grammy Awards nomination. Sjava submitted for nomination in the Best African Music Performance category is a testament to the wider reach and influence of South African music.


“Isibuko” is a captivating anthology of melodies that resonates deeply with the emotions and innermost being of the audience. With a profound exploration of love, identity, and the essence of human existence, the album simultaneously honours the diverse cultural heritage of South Africa, weaving together a rich tapestry of musical expression.

The nominations for the Grammy Awards will be announced next month on the 10th of November. Sjava has already made his mark on the international stage after winning a BET Award in 2018 with the actual ceremony taking place on 5 February 2024 However, fans and music lovers in South Ah will be rooting for the Umama hitmaker to make a nod for the nomination and bring the accolade home.

Here are some of Sjava’s previous Awards: 

Awards Sjava has won several awards for his music and acting, such as: South African Music Award for Best Produced Album (2017) for Isina Muva South African Music Award for Album of the Year (2019) for Umqhele South African Music Award for Best Afro Pop Album (2019) for Umqhele BET Award for Viewers’ Choice: Best International Act (2018) DSTV Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Award for Favourite Rising Star (2017)

The anticipation and excitement around the Grammy Awards will continue to build as South Ah waits to see if Sjava’s “Isibuko” will add a golden list of accolades.

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