The feminine force of Azana begins the build up to her Sophmore album IGAGU in Woman’s Month with new single and video Shona Malanga

Written by on 4 August, 2023

Today the 5 times SAMA nominated Azana releases her single and video for Shona Malanga (Days go by) which marks the start of her singles which will build up to IGAGU her album release on the 27th of October.

Azana has featured on some big South African tracks with producers such as Sun-El Musician, Prince Kaybee as well as Lowsheen and this Woman’s month it’s her time to shine.

About the single Azana explains: 

“Days have gone by without me seeing my fiancé who has gone for work. I plead him to come back because when he comes back we need to prepare for our wedding day, I am happy in love and no one can tell me otherwise because in this relationship there is trust, communication and respect. Amahle whom I feature on this track then brags about the relationship she has with the love of her life, she says she cannot wait to tell her family about this fairytale love she has finally found.”


About the upcoming album: IGAGU

IGAGU, refers to a group of people singing or dancing, where there is often an individual who stands out. This individual exudes confidence, passion and leads the crowd.

“In my language IsiZulu, this individual is called IGAGU. Because of the love I have for music and the arts I have always stood out in a group of singers and creatives, I participated in music my whole school career, as I grew older I gained confidence to direct musically and lead in the choirs I was in and became IGAGU!” she adds.

The album will feature a mix of Afro-pop, Afro-house and Afro-tech songs which all highlight Azana’s vocal talent and creative diversity.


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