Gagasi FM has been nominated as the “Coolest Radio Station” at the GEN Next Awards 2023

Written by on 18 September, 2023

The 19th annual Sunday Times GenNext survey Top 10 finalists across 72 categories have been announced, and under the “Coolest Radio Station” category, we are excited to announce that we have been nominated.

In the world of radio broadcasting, few accolades carry as much prestige and significance as the Sunday Times GenNext Awards. These awards are a true reflection of what the youth of South Africa considers cool and impactful in various categories. This year 2023, Gagasi FM the #1 Regional Commercial Radio Station, which is a radio station that has long been a favorite among South African youth, received a nomination that speaks volumes about its popularity. Gagasi FM is nominated for the title of “South Africa’s Coolest Radio Station,” which is evident to its enduring connection with listeners and its vibrant presence in the entertainment industry.

Gagasi FM has been a prominent organisation in South Africa’s radio landscape since its inception in March 2006. The station is renowned for its dedication to promoting local talent, showcasing the best in South African music, and engaging with its listeners on a personal level. Gagasi FM has consistently aimed to be a cultural and musical powerhouse, staying at the forefront of trends and preferences among South Africa’s youth.

  1. A Hub for Local Talent: Gagasi FM has played a pivotal role in promoting and nurturing local talent, particularly in the music and industry. The station’s commitment to showcasing South African artists has contributed significantly to the growth of KZN’s music scene.
  2. Youth Engagement: Gagasi FM has mastered the art of engaging with its young audience. Through innovative content, on-air shows, and active participation in community events, the station has built a strong and lasting connection with its listeners.
  3. Diverse Programming: The station offers a diverse range of programming that caters to the varied tastes and interests of KZN’s youth. From music and entertainment to current affairs and social issues, Gagasi FM covers it all.
  4. Digital Presence: Gagasi FM has embraced the digital era, expanding its reach through social media platforms, podcasts, and live streaming. This approach has allowed the station to remain accessible to its audience, wherever they are.
  5. Community Involvement: Gagasi FM is not just a radio station; it is an active member of various communities. The station has been involved in numerous charitable initiatives and community outreach programs, further endearing itself to its listeners.


While the Sunday Times GenNext Awards nomination is a significant recognition, the true testament to Gagasi FM’s success lies in the hearts of its listeners. Many young South Africans view Gagasi FM as more than just a radio station; it’s a cultural hub that speaks to their experiences, aspirations, and identity. The nomination reflects the views of South African’s youth, who see Gagasi FM as the coolest radio station in the country.

The Awards for the Coolest Radio Station will be announced on Wednesday, the 20th of September 2023.


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