Soa Mattrix & Sir Trill – Athandwe Ft B33kay SA, Cnethemba Gonelo

Written by on 1 September, 2023

It has been over a year since the release of Soa Mattrix’s hit single, “Mina Nawe”. He now unites with Sir Trill on their brand-new release, “Athandwe”. The single release follows the announcement of ‘Soa Family’ which is Soa Mattrix’s label that houses a variety of vocalists and producers.

“Athandwe” features vocals from Sir Trill, B33kay, and Cnethemba Gonelo as well as production from Frank Mabeat, Tribal Soul, and Soa Mattrix himself. The soulful single touches on a story of love where one just wants to express their love for their partner and make them feel valued, seen and heard as it is important to feel loved and love back in the same manner. It is a beautiful journey as you understand the impact of love through a well-guided hook and easy-to-listen instrumental.

In this release, you get to witness the musical return of Sir Trill as it has been over a year since the release of his debut album “Ghost”. You get to enjoy his melodic contribution to the song as the song is bound to leave you feeling a sensation of love. You will enjoy this release as it sets quite a positive mood for the week.

It’s definitely a top release, looking at the very interesting lyrics and the audio quality. We can personally tell you, this song Soa Mattrix & Sir Trill – Athandwe ft B33kay SA, Cnethemba Gonelo, Frank Mabeat & Tribal Soul is a song with potential, as to if it will become a major hit soon, but also we are saying it has all it takes, if you are an Amapiano music head you will understand our personal review of this tune. Its finally out on all streaming platforms you can get it there or download the audio below.


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